About Us

Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1984, the Oceanus Experimental Biology Center started in the Copacabana neighborhood by conducting microbiology and chemical physics analyzes . With a deep growth, in 2012, Oceanus incorporated the traditional Hidroquímica Laboratory , founded in 1972 and pioneer in the environmental area. This merger was a milestone in the history of the two companies. In 2019, the Oceanus Group entered the oil market with HCS – Hydrocarbons Solutions, acting in the molecular characterization of oil and generating rocks.

Currently, the Oceanus Group is one of the largest independent laboratories in Brazil . We have several partnerships with universities and technical courses in the environmental area, where we already provide advisory services in classes, seminars, collections and lectures. We operate in several States, developing activities with research, collections and analysis, responding with quality, precision, reliability and confidentiality, investing in the training and qualification of employees and in the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment , always complying with current legislation with excellence.